11370 Crabapple Road,

Roswell, Georgia, GA 30075


11370 Crabapple Road,

Roswell, Georgia, GA 30075


About Us

Vision99 is the future campus of Roswell Community Masjid. It is a campus that is sustainably developed to reflect the values of our community and create a vibrant and inviting sanctuary for people of all faiths and to provide space for spiritual and social growth for the North Fulton Muslim community. Vision99 inspires to be the first faith-based Living Building certified campus in the US. The name, Vision99, was inspired by the need to plan to serve the spiritual and social needs of several future generations.

The campus is to match that expectation.
Another inspiration for the name were the 99 names of Allah.

Our Story

RCM concept started in 2006 and opened its doors as a neighborhood Islamic community center in November 2008 in a rented 4,500 space. The founding principles were:

Family and youth friendly

Creating a welcoming space that anyone feels comfortable joining.

Authentic Islamic Knowledge

With the community diversity and the multicultural nature of our community we thought it was necessary to rely on authentic knowledge and clearly distinguish that from cultural traditions. In any major decisions knowledgeable scholars are consulted to ensure consistency with authentic Islamic principles.

Financial Sustainability

As a nonprofit organization RCM is committed to be financially sound by making sure proper financial planning and budgeting are instituted and that the organization is committed to accountability, transparency, and stewardship of the financial resources of the community.

RCM Governance and Organizational Structure

RCM is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization governed by a 9 member Board of trustees. Each trustee term is 3 years with a onetime renewal eligibility for a maximum of 6 consecutive years of service on the Board. The Religious leadership team is led by an Imam, and the operational team is led by an Executive Director. Both the Imam and the Executive Director report to the Board of Trustees.
Leadership at all levels is carefully structured to represent the rich diversity that exists among the general community membership.

Our Expert Team

Core Team-Vision 99 project implementation is led by the Masjid Development Team (MDT). The MDT is structured to manage different work streams with a specifically selected leader who is an expert in that work stream. The MDT is co-led by two former RCM Board members who are seasoned in project management and development. The MDT reports to the RCM Board of Trustees and collaborate closely with the religious and operational leaders of the organization. The overall team includes over 25 skilled, talented and enthusiastic volunteer and staff members in the fields of engineering, architecture, environmental studies, community relations, fund development, social media, information technology, project management, construction management, and leadership.