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Recently, three Roswell city council members participated in a presentation at the Georgia Tech Kendeda Building presented by the building’s director, Shan Arora.

It was an amazing presentation and highly informative tour attended by Council Members Lee Hills, Christine Hall, and William Morthland. Shan shared how a regenerative, sustainable building can be an asset to any municipality as they reduce cost and need for public infrastructure. One aspect discussed was reducing runoff and managing wastewater. The majority of wastewater and waste is diverted from entering the public treatment systems and thereby reduces the pressure on the public infrastructure that transfers and treats this waste.

The presentation also explained the benefits of keeping the landscape rooted in native species and how biophilic design connects people and nature emphasizing beauty as well as function. Shan also emphasized how the design considers the place in which the building was built and allows the site to function as it would in its natural state as a piedmont forest.

Roswell council members were engaged and asked detailed questions as they expressed support for RCM to implement the Living Building Challenge model. They also asked questions regarding implementing some of the concepts presented in other city infrastructure projects.

The RCM community is grateful to the Roswell City Council for their support and engagement in this process. The excitement about the new campus project, Vision99, goes well beyond the immediate RCM community.

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